(UN)TOLD PAGES: strange to say / audio anthology

When I moved to Copenhagen, I asked myself what the literary scene looks like here. How are BIPoC represented? My dear search engine friend helped me: There is also a gap that needs to be filled, otherwise there wouldn’t have been this great pop-up bookshop and literature festival featuring only Black, Indigenous and People of Colour authors, that took place last year in Nørrebro/Copenhagen. (Damn, I missed it.)

I met Maya Acharya the other day, one of the founders of (un)told pages. Together with Elisabeth Bruun Gullach, they planned to open the first BIPoC-authors-only bookshop in Denmark. They are friends, and book lovers of course, who want to draw attention to the inequality in the literature industry.

On 3rd of April they publish STRANGE TO SAY: an online audio anthology in the time of COVID-19. It will be available to everyone for free, but they are asking to donate, to give a little support to their local BIPoC writers. Their paypal is: elisabethgullach@gmail.com (or by mobilepay: 41346041)

You will hear from these 11 writers: @aaiun_nin , @yungrang_off_stage, @deniz_kiy, @sabitha.soderholm, Zakiya Ajmi, @eliassadaq , @yongsungullach, Wretched Kalbs collective, @apinyacolada, @laura___na & @waqas_elahi_dar. The anthology will be freely available to all on April 3rd.

I would additionally recommend to take a look at their homepage, because they uploaded an overview with BIPoC book recommendations!


Some of them are:

  • Pleasure Activism: the politics of feeling good — Adrienne Maree Brown
  • I’m telling the truth, but I’m lying — Bassey Ikpi
  • What a time to be alone — Chidera Eggerue
  • Don’t Call Us Dead — Danez Smith
  • Being in your Body — Fariha Róisín
  • Decolonial Daughter — Lesley Ann-Brown
  • We have always been here — Samra Habib
  • The Water Dancer — Ta-Nehisi Coats
  • She would be king — Wayétu Moore
  • My Past is a Foreign Country — Zeba Talkhani

You can find more here!

I am so happy about projects like (un)told pages, although I missed the festival. Thanks to Maya and Elisabeth for this beautiful project and your passion about representing BIPoC authors. <3

// (un)told pages on Instagram
// Their website: untoldpages.dk

Photo/laundromat+bed: Aphinya Jatuparisakul
Title: Kim Roslyng